Turkana County

Sitting in the formerly Rift Valley province, Turkana county the second largest county after Marsabit County. It lies about 600km from the Capital of Kenya, Nairobi. It is the Northwestern most county bordered by Uganda on the West and South Sudan and Ethiopia to the North. Following the onset of devolution, the county has come to lime light and hit headlines for both positive and negative occurrences. This is a county of great interest to most historians due to the famous theory of evolution. Besides, it has a rich culture that depicts the real and true African culture.



Rockhealth Integrated Care Org is a primary healthcare nongovernmental organization that aspires to strengthen Primary Health Care and Response to Epidemics in Kenyan Counties. Its projects are tailored along an integrative framework where health is delivered by an inter-disciplinary healthcare team working under one umbrella. The essence is to undertake a wholesome approach in treatment of the prevalent conditions. This project endeavors to weigh in and join the efforts made by the government to alleviate infectious and non-communicable diseases. The approach is to predominantly through early screening and instituting relevant treatment to particularly, infectious diseases and providing preventative health education against both diseases at the same time.



To carry out a field hospital that acts as the forerunner for a possible fruitful future engagement with the community in future fighting infectious and non-communicable diseases.

Food insecurity and malnutrition


·         To mobilize food donations for the hungry

·         To provide food supplements to malnourished children

·         Introduce some households to crop farming through education and capacity building

Endemic disease conditions


·         Work with Community Health Volunteers (CHVs) in educating livestock keepers on how to identify warning signs and how to effectively manage brucellosis.

·         Provision of general consultation for common infections in the field hospital and referral of complicated clinical cases.

·         Avail diagnostic tools for the identification in the make-shift lab.

·         Partner with the community and establish a mechanism of management of endemic diseases within the local context

·         Work with the local community and establish the most suitable remedies for snake and spider bites common in the area.

Limited and distant health care facilities ·         To collect information on level of accessibility and quality of primary health care services to inform recommendations and discussions with the county government and the ministry of health o improvement strategies

·         To mobilize resources for the refurbishing of available health facilities and possibly, establish others to benefit the community

·         Work with CHVs to educate the community on the importance of immunization and adhering to full schedule

·         To open up the area to any other well wishers who could help the community

High Illiteracy levels, insecurity/warring communities ·         Work with local government and Peace ambassadors to reinforce the call for peace and coexistence among communities

·         Work with institutions of learning to educate the community on the importance of education especially the girl child


Unsustainable projects ·         Work with the local administration of the county so as to engage in future collaboration and sustainability especially in agriculture and fishing.

·         Partner with other healthcare organizations

·         Analyze the prescription forms and publish a report

Limited, outdated set of data ·         To provide an analysis of the findings from the project so as to augment available information in National Bureau of Statistics and Ministry of Health

Location and Date: Our Lady Queen of Peace, Todonyang

Target Beneficiaries: All Gender, All ages and a target of 2000 patients in total.

Period and Action Plan


  • Services Pediatric
  • Gynecology
  • Pharmacy
  • Referral
  • Services
    • Public Health Education Health Education
    • Triage
    • Pediatric Nutritional Clinic
    • Gynecology
    • Nutritional Clinic,
    • Pharmacy
    • Referral


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