Meet Dr. Hakeem Rabuka Kiboi and Juma Theophilus, Founders of RICO

RockHealth Integrated Care Organization (RICO) was founded by Mr. Juma Theophilus (Right) and Mr. Hakeem Kiboi (Left) after a global conference on ‘Patient Centered Care’ inviting institutions both local and abroad including Harvard, Ghent and Stellenbosch Universities. This was in the year 2015.

It didn’t take long before the two got contacted by the Swahili version of the Daily Nation newspaper, Kenya. Taifa Leo, the only Swahili-language newspaper published from Kenya for an interview.

Translation: Students who are Taking Kenya’s Public Health to the Next Level

Featuring: The Co-Founders of RICO (Juma Theophilus and Hakeem Kiboi), RICO projects and the social impact on the community as far as primary health is concerned.

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