The core focus of RockHealth Integrated Care Organization (RICO) has been to offer community health in primary health care settings in Kenya. The primary health care sector in Kenya is currently a big niche in the health care system in existence. This is the most important level of health care. Its pertinence to the founders of the organization led them to establish an integrated health care system that focuses on bridging the gap. This meant offering community health and wellness.

RICO Community Integrated Field Hospitals (Medical Camps) is a special package for communities, professionals and medical and non-medical students who have found value and passion in gaining more experience and most importantly, offering community care.

The choice of community to reach out to comes from various sources apart from the organization’s plan to visit such places and these come in form of emails and calls that form the leads. The leads need to have passed criteria that help meet the standards of a quality medical camp. Most of our medical camps have been suggested by a concerned individual from a particular community or an organization that feels it doesn’t have the capacity to hold a community medical camp.

The RICO Medical Camp Policies helps process the lead and the concerned offices take over and invite the lead to discuss further. Time is most crucial for the implementation of a medical camp as suggested by a lead and should therefore be delivered to the organization as early as not less than 28 days. See The RICO Medical Camp Policies to learn more about the criteria to meet and how you can send a request or suggestion to organize a community medical camp.

The services that are offered in such camps are not all compulsory as in special situations, additional services shall need to be procured.

At RICO, we focus on the following areas in our camps so as to continuously make a difference wherever we go. We shall also focus on these area in the upcoming medical camp. These are:

  • Laboratory tests & Screening
  • Outpatient Check-up
  • Provision of drugs
  • HIV/AIDS Testing and Counselling
  • Eye Check-up
  • Alcohol and Drug Abuse Support and Counselling
  • Health Education against NCDs and Sexual Rights and Reproductive Health
  • Indirect involvement in the development of a ward health committee with the ward leaders.

Referrals are done to clinics that have partnered with us in the camp.