Working for RICC is a rewarding and exciting venture since you are not only working for RICC, but for the well-being of humanity in health and formulation of systems that improve the quality of primary health care when given an integrated approach. This therefore means that RICC offers options for medics in all fields of healthcare, making it an inter-disciplinary organization. There are a variety of jobs when a project or a programme is being implemented.

Where to Apply
When there is a job opening at RICC, then information regarding the same is disseminated via various advert platforms. Among this include emails to our Ambassador’s emails, WhatsApp, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. They shall also be published on the RICC Job Seekers Menu on our official website

What are you doing for primary health care?
This is an important criteria in selecting our preferred candidates. There are a variety of things happening in the primary health care sector in Kenyan and beyond its borders. A candidate who has this brings in more strength to the organization.

Have you volunteered before?
Another item that sets you apart and gets you easily selected as part of the team that tours Kenyan communities. Be keen in notifying us about this.

Human Resources Information
At RICC HR, you can access information on the boards at RICC including its medical and non-medical professional advisory board. There is information on compensation, benefits, learning opportunities and other tools and resources that may be of benefit to you while working for RICC.

Working in the RICC system
If you have interest in working for RICC, then please contact the HR directly: or

Warning to Job Seekers
There are job advertisements and offers that falsely state that they are from RICC. Please be aware that RICC does not request payment at any stage of the application and review process.