RockHealth Bags The FAIMER Award on Projects For Health in Ireland

Congratulations to Dr. Hakeem Rabuka Kiboi for bagging this award. According to the young CEO, “Whenever there is an award for me to collect, I have learnt to take the time off the splendour of receipt and zoom out for a while to think of how I got there. I therefore would like to acknowledge Mr. Juma Theophilus for being an outstanding co-founding partner and the managing director of RockHealth Integrated Care Org. – RICO. Through thick and thin we have together built the organisation. I dedicate the awards to our unending partnership. I won’t forget the medical team, directorates and the RICO ambassadors for their outstanding contribution towards this award. Cheers!!!”

The Student Projects for Health competition recognizes students who have made outstanding contributions to projects that successfully promote community health and well-being. Launched in 2015, the competition is supported by GEMx and FAIMER as part of the annual conference of The Network: Towards Unity for Health (TUFH).  Representatives of approximately 15 projects across the globe received sponsorship to attend the conference each year. Sponsorship included air travel, hotel accommodation, and conference registration fee. Dr. Hakeem Rabuka Kiboi, the CEO of RockHealth Integrated Care Org (RICO), was invited to attend the conference, receive the award and present RICO’s project on Strengthening Primary Health Care and Response to Epidemics.

The 2018 Network: TUFH conference, co-hosted by the University of Limerick, was held August 16-20, 2018, in Limerick, Ireland. The theme of the conference was Community Empowerment for Health: A Multi-Sectorial Approach.


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