Quality primary health care is the core and most essential requirement for human beings. Its provision should be dispensed with utmost sensitivity to prevent loss of life and decrease in human capital. Governments, Health Agencies and Non-Governmental Organizations have the moral duty and responsibility to ensure that constituents have access to quality, affordable and all-inclusive health care.

However, the Sub Saharan Africa has had numerous problems that have maimed and compromised the quality of health care service delivery process, availability, accessibility and affordability. Some of the issues affecting healthcare in the Sub-Saharan Africa includes lack of infrastructures, poor management of healthcare facilities, lack of essential equipment, shortages of drugs, affordability, accessibility and unqualified staffs.

Counter measures

According to the Ouagadougou Declaration on Primary Health Care (PHC), member countries in Africa were urged to:

  • Promote inter-sectorial collaboration and public-private partnership to address broad determinants of health;
  • Improve health workforce production and retention;
  • Set up mechanisms for increasing availability and accessibility of essential medicines, health technologies and infrastructure;
  • Strengthen health information systems;
  • Develop and implement strategic health financing policies and plans;
  • Promote health awareness and build behavioral change capacities among communities.

Based on the above mentioned declarations, RICO approach and involvement in solving the current health sector is thereby relevant and consistent with improving the quality of therapeutic outcome, quality of life and in the long run bringing down the mortality rate. Our programme can support companies address a wide range of employee health issues.

RICO encompasses and enlists the services of enthusiastic, optimistic and committed health care providers who are able to deliver desirable health services. Apart from that, we partner with a wide array of high profiled health organization in an effort to quench the thirst of health care requirement in Kenya. We carry out feasibility studies, assess the prevalence of diseases and gauge the health requirement of a particular area prior to conducting health care provision. In our activities, we provide health screening, clinical consultation, health education and general health advice.

Health, Wellness and Organizations’ Success

The RICO Health and Wellness Programme seeks to offer preventative options to illnesses rather than curative. Chronic diseases are fast sweeping away productive people and since these are mostly lifestyle diseases, employees are falling culprit to them especially those in the white collar jobs with appreciable technological advancement and little or no physical activity.

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